About Us

Welcome to Xpetisland, your trustworthy pet supplies providers for your precious fur babies. We're dedicated in giving you the best possible choice of pet supplies, with a variety of natural and healthy pet food, premium quality pet accessories, advanced pet technology products. 

Xpetisland is founded in 2020 and we are proudly present ourself as a local Australia online retailer. Xpetisland firstly started out in Sydney by a forward thinking all-female team which are also an experienced management team. As part of Xpetisland’s core values, we see ourselves as a service-oriented provider aiming to provide you, as our valuable customers, who visiting our website, a user-friendly environment and browsing our offered products with a piece of mind.

Our passion in supplying the above-mentioned high quality products are braided by the idea that we would provide the same products to our own pets and also which aim to improve the prestige life style to all our pet family members. We are very thrilled that we are able to turn our passion into our own website. We also putting in a lot of effort by heavily research on our products before we published to our website and present them over to you.

Currently, we are offering hundreds kinds of pet supplies to all customers across Australia, and we are excited in exploring new markets and opportunities in order to add more variety of products to our product range with competitive price.

We really hoping you have enjoyable moments while browsing through our products at the website. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact support@xpetisland.com.au. We are more than happy in welcoming any recommendations as we are always looking ways in improving ourselves further.



Xpetisland Team