ZEZE Patterns Pet Cooling Pad
ZEZE Patterns Pet Cooling Pad

ZEZE Patterns Pet Cooling Pad

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The product is designed to cool and comfortable for furry friends in summer. The cooling mat is portable and easy to clean. It uses cooling technology to help your pet cool down in summer. The cooling gel keeps the mat surface temperature cool, your pet simply lays on the mat for their temperature to decrease.

Size: 38*38cm

Material: Cover-Polyester, PVC; Filling-Cooling Gel

Warning: This product is washable and can be washed in a gentle cleanser; To avoid damaging the product, do NOT use corrosive detergent; Do NOT tumble dry, allow it to be air-dried. The cooling gel is non-toxicity; for safety, please clean up immediately if the cooling gel is spilled out.; In case swallow it, please see vet as soon as possible.


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